Are You Ready to Learn to Skydive?

Congratulations! You have taken the first step becoming a certified skydiver! Many people talk about skydiving, but never actually follow through and do it. You have taken the most difficult step toward becoming a certified skydiver; Hawaii Skydive will guide you through the rest.

On the way to becoming a certified skydiver, you will participate in a series of jumps with your instructors by your side...not attached to your back. You will learn the techniques for moving through the sky, turning and flipping. After each skydive, you will review your jump with your instructor to see what you did well and what needs improvement.

When you've completed the course, you will be a certified skydiver and ready to chase the clouds!

Call us today at 1-888-522-1266 to begin your skydive training!

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Skydiving operators who are affiliated with Hawaii Skydive may or may not be inside the state of Hawaii.
Please give Hawaii Skydive a call today at 1-888-522-1266 to find the nearest skydiving operator


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Regulations may prohibit skydiving within city limits and suburbs. Local skydiving affiliates are conveniently located in or around Hawaii. "Hawaii Skydive" and others are popular search terms for skydiving in the greater Hawaii area and are not intended as a guarantee of location. Hawaii Skydive is a website that advertises for skydiving centers who are affiliates of RushCube.